ACT Courts and Tribunal Canine Support Program

The ACT Courts and Tribunal have a canine support program aimed at reducing the anxiety of court and tribunal users. The Courts and Tribunal canine support program has a calming and uplifting effect on court and tribunal users.  This may include benefits to victims of crime, witnesses, court professionals, volunteers, support people, and the family and friends of people attending the court or tribunal.

Canine Support involves a dog and their Handler visiting the courts and tribunal for a few hours twice a week supporting children, vulnerable persons, victims, and other users.

The dogs can provide assistance in any of the public waiting areas at the ACT Courts and Tribunal.

You can ask for canine support from the AFP, DPP or any supporting agency. They can contact the court or tribunal on your behalf. Alternatively, you can contact the Court Assistance team and enquire about availability for canine support during your court or tribunal matter.

Canine support is generally available between 9.30am and 11am twice a week.

The dogs involved in the program are provided by Guide Dogs NSW /ACT.

ACT Courts and Tribunal are looking at expanding the program in the future hope to ultimately to have the dogs providing support from the court room and witness rooms.

For more information contact Court Assistance at

Or Guide Dogs NSW/ACT at

ACT facility dog Quota provides a supporting paw in the waiting room.